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[21+] My Girlfriend’s Older Sister,Misaki Honda [PPPD-531]


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Dark Side production မှ တင်ဆက်သည်။

ဒီဇာတ်ကားကို Decensored Version နဲ့တင်ထားတာမို့ ဆင်ဆာမပါသလိုမျိုးတွေ မြင်ရဖို့ရှိပါတဘ်။

This dude has been dating her girlfriend Erina for the last 6 months and on a night out drinking, she gets smashing drunk.

He has to carry her back home and once in the house, he meets for the first time with Erina’s older sister, Misaki Honda. And exceptionally voluptuous and horny sister that instantly likes him.

He also likes her, because unlike the girlfriend, Sister Misaki Honda can’t be bothered about condoms…


File Size : (2.5 GB) and (1.2 GB)
Quality : HD-Rip 1080p & 720p
Running Time : 02:00:00
Format : Mp4
Genre : Erotic,JAV
Subtitle : Myanmar Subtitle (Hard Sub)

Translated by King of Darkness

Encoded by JAVA


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